Recent changes:

You might have noticed this page and the RWP support list being a bit flaky lately. This was as a result of several unplanned changes needing to be made under the hood. Hopefully, everything should be straightened out now.

The current situation:

As the vast majority of its users know, ReaAccess hasn't been under active development in several years due to the unexpected disappearance of its sole developer. Unfortunately, no source code was shared with anybody else involved during the creation of ReaAccess, so unless the same developer magically reappears in a puff of smoke, there will be no further updates.

For now, you can Download the last version of ReaAccess here.

Good news for the future

There are now efforts underway to develop add-ons for Windows and OSX which will replace and indeed supersede ReaAccess in due course. These projects are in the capable hands of people who not only have well established track records in the field of accessibility, but who can both appreciate the need for open, future-proof development to avoid a repeat of the current stalemate.

If you're a confident enough Reaper user to cope with frequent changes, customizing your own keymap and you'd enjoy testing alpha code, feel free to visit the OSARA project,, familiarise yourself with what's been implemented so far and take it for a spin. It's coming along nicely thanks to the efforts of Jamie Teh!

How to get help, and meet other Reaper users:

If you're stuck, or you'd be keen to exchange Reaper related info with other screen reader users, the best place to shoot the breeze is the Reapers Without Peepers mailing list. We call it RWp for short. Please note that the address for RWP had to be changed recently in order to shake off spammers and accommodate more subscribers. All current list members have been migrated over. If you'd care to join them, sending a blank email to "rwp-subscribe[AT]bluegrasspals[DOT]com" will get you hooked up. To search the RWP archive of previous postings, read guidelines of what can be discussed there, or if you'd rather join using a web interface, visit the RWP list info page.

Last updated: 11/02/2015.

This page will be updated with information and links as milestones are reached.